Accounting services

We provide a wide range of accounting services tailored to the needs of our clients, including the company’s bookkeeping and revenues and expenses ledger for business activities.

What makes us different from traditional accounting offices?


  • We care about keeping in touch with our client; hence we organize regular meetings and discuss current issues
  • We place great emphasis on the quality of communication with the client
  • It is essential for us to listen to the client and understand his needs in order to be able to satisfy them properly
  • We want to build long-term relations with our clients and be a trusted team supporting the development of client


    • we are flexible:
      • we can provide services to our clients remotely, depending on their needs
      • we can provide services at their location all the time or at a specified frequency
  • we can work on our own program or the client’s program
  • We work on various accounting programs thanks to which we are able to take over accounting during the year without changing the accounting system, which significantly reduces the cost of such migration
    -We work with accounting offices and tax advisors, thanks to which we are more flexible


  • we help to introduce accounting systems
  • We support clients with our industry experience (in terms of commerce, services, and production) and introduce good practices
  • we help to introduce the OCR/document circulation system
  • We look closely at customer processes that we combine with our processes to propose optimal solutions from the point of view of both (client-us) and not only from our point of view
  • we understand our role as a support to the organization of the client


  • Our work ends after a set of accounting reports and financial data for controlling are made available, and not after preparing the record of economic events in terms of taxation and “sending SAF-T.”
  • we are developing a chart of accounts, controlling dimensions necessary for management accounting


  • We strive to single-entering of data that serves both parties (client and us)
  • we work on various accounting-related programs, for example, Saldeosmart, thanks to which we eliminate double work and give our clients tools for managing document archives, transfers, etc.

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