financial model

Budowa modelu finansowego jest bardzo dobrą formą rozpoczęcia współpracy.

What makes us different from traditional accounting offices?

Building a financial model is a very good way to start cooperation

  • It is often an inspirational and educational task for the entrepreneur/owner as it allows (and/or forces) to think about the prospect of “where the organization is to be in 3-5 years”
  • First of all, it requires determining the expected level of revenues and profits in a particular period

Financial model:

  • profit and loss account
  •  balance sheet
  • cash flow statements
  • break downs and additional analyzes
  • it is built on a monthly basis and analyzed mainly on an annual basis
  • we add historical data to the model
  • thanks to the financial model, you can easily build a budget for the next financial year

The structure of the model allows to:

  • identify key business indicators
  • design the chart of accounts and-
  • define controlling dimensions (for example, cost centers, budget categories, etc.)

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