The goal of the controlling department is to collect data available in the company’s various systems and present it to decision-makers in a way that supports making better decisions.

What makes us different from traditional accounting offices?

  • Accounting is aimed at entering financial data in a way that allows conducting appropriate management analyzes.
  • Accounting is not a goal itself, we know that it is an auxiliary function for the organization.
  • We carry out an analysis of the needs that are important to the management perspective, and we design reports in an appropriate manner.
  • We apply the “top-down approach”.
  • We start with the statutory profit and loss account, balance sheet and statement of cash flows on a monthly basis
  • If controlling dimensions, cost centers, locations, etc. are introduced, we present the data in an appropriate approach, different from the layout in accordance with the Accounting Act

What’s more…

  • We organize regular, cyclical meetings with clients to discuss monthly reports and present our conclusions.
  • If the client has a business plan/budget, in the current report, we refer to the planned values and look for the reasons for the deviations.
  • Our goal is that the generated analyzes allow clients to drill down even to a particular document/records
  • We implement a BI (business intelligence) solution that allows you to generate reports updated automatically from systems (accounting, operational, commercial, etc.)
  • We are building a forecast that is a current estimate of income and profit/(loss) taking into account previous and current data as well as the budget for subsequent months modified if there were factors changing for the future, originally adopted assumptions.
  • Having access to the operating system of the company and the appropriate structure of data, we are able to suggest and build additional reports supporting particular departments and management board in carrying out analyzes,

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