Venture capital (VC) type
or other investment support

Due diligence of the financial function of a portfolio company:

    • analysis of the financial function in a future portfolio company with a set of observations and recommendations.
    • thanks to this, the fund may have an action plan for the future financial director/manager.
    • this is a different type of service than financial due diligence.

Building a financial function in portfolio companies:

  • we can support the development of the financial function of a portfolio company in all areas of the financial department, that is:
    • HR and payroll
    • bookkeeping/accounting,
    • controlling,
    • finance director
  • support can be provided for a defined period of time (so-called interim) or defined and partial (so-called part-time)
  • support may include:
      •  providing ongoing services
      • building of the financial ecosystem
      • introducing circulation of documents
      • digitization of accounting information
      • elimination of double work
      • introducing changes to the chart of accounts and
      • controlling dimensions
      • etc

Building a portfolio company reporting tool in the fund:

    • based on a direct connection to databases
    • not depending on the information generated by the company itself
    • significantly reducing the time spent by portfolio companies on reporting
    • giving a live preview of each company.

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